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What are the characteristics of a good warehouse? Blog

Purchasing or renting a new warehouse is an important decision which involves a careful planning on location, design, connectivity, Skilled & non skilled labor availability, government regulations, proximity to customer base, suppliers and access to raw materials, environment regulations etc.

We have done our best to explain in layman’s terms and each topic is covered briefly below, please go through it or Call us for a quick chat on+91 914 6064 222/23 or, email us your queries on and visit our website

1. Location

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Location is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a new warehouse, no matter what business you are in. Whether you are serving B2B, B2C or are a manufacturing units, a good location with connectivity to highway and customer base can save time and cost.

2. Connectivity

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Once location is finalized, connectivity is another factor to be considered. Good connectivity to highways, proper roads infrastructure in outer and inner proximity to warehouse is very important. All inner roads must have enough width for trailers to turn and parking spaces when in waiting. While some of this aspects are generally overlooked and not considered important, it can save lot of time.

3. Rent & Cost

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Once location is finalized, an important aspect is the rent or the price of the warehouse in case of outright purchase, If the location is good but rent is too exorbitant then it may be a drag on the bottom ROI in a highly competitive business environment of today.

4. Size of the Warehouse

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The size of the warehouse depends on the volumes of your material. Size, weight, packaging, movement throughput, storage time, stock rotation is important consideration in determine what size of warehouse is required. Its best to plan keeping the next 5-year growth projection in mind as moving warehouse can be a costly affair not just in terms of cost but also customer service.

5. Warehouse Design

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After location, connectivity and rent, next comes the warehouse design, it is highly recommended you call up an expert in storage solutions who can advise on optimizing the storage density and at the same time take operational details in consideration. Since every square foot are cost, it is imperative to install the right system and implement an optimized nsolution.

6. Government Approvals & Regulations

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Most A grade warehouses are designed keeping in mind government regulations on Heath, environment & safety. But when constructing our own warehouse, all approvals must be taken before hand including implementing fire sprinkler systems where required. Safety to environment and personnel are also key points and guidelines must be followed.

7. Logistics Network

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A logistic network of rail, road & sea to the location must also be considered if movement of goods are required either in city, states and aboard. A closer proximity to airports and seaports for export markets can save time, money and can ultimately make a difference on the competitiveness of the product especially if transported by sea. It will help in saving on demurrage and storage costs.

8. Availability of Public & Private utility services

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In today’s highly competitive environment, communications are very important, while deciding on the warehouse, availability of public utilities like internet access, telephone networks, water connection, sewerage covers along with building maintenance services are malso of great importance.

If you are in the process of looking for a new warehouse, please do consider the above guidelines which we believe will help you make an informed decision. If you have any further questions or need information, please feel free to connect with us.

We at Jay Storage Solutions always puts customer first and we even go out of our way at times to serve our clients make an informed decision.

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