First things first, what is Pallet Racking ?

Pallet racking is a storage system designed to store materials on pallets, in horizontal rows with multiple levels. It's a way to increase storage density and is an integral part to most warehouses, retail centres, manufacturing and storage facilities.

Why choose 'Jay Storage Solutions' for Pallet Racking ?

Jay Storage Solutions have produced an unrivalled range of quality pallet racking systems that are robust, reliable and safe. As a pallet racking manufacturer, we're able to offer a wide range of components, enabling us to offer a cost effective pallet racking storage solution that meets your exact needs and pallet specifications. We have manufacturing plants near Mumbai and we supply worldwide.

What's the most common type of Pallet Racking ?

Conventional Pallet Racking (CPR) is probably the most widely used system for storing pallets. Our range of conventional pallet racking includes standard, narrow aisle and double deep pallet racking. This is generally the best storage solution for warehouses. Racking beams are available as open or boxed sections to cater for any load capacity, even up to 4000kg per pair! We can design, build and install this for you, meeting your specifications.

What are the alternatives to Conventional Pallet Racking and when do you use them ?

As well as conventional pallet racking, there's also the 'drive-in' pallet racking system. Drive-in pallet racking is ideal for storing crushable goods that cannot be block stacked. It's also suitable for pallets with predictable stock movements, such as a stock rotation operated on a 'first in – last out' basis.

Drive-in racking allows a high degree of space utilisation as the racking can be done in a continuous block, without the need for aisles. Forklift trucks drive into the racking installation to pick up or drop off pallets which are stored one behind the other, on specially designed cantilever rails.

If you need a specific, niche racking system, also feel free to contact us. We have in house design and manufacturing facilities so can work with you to meet your specifications.

What type of Storage Racking do I need ?

If you're not sure what type of racking you need just contact us and we'll be happy to advise you. You can reach us on +91 0250 6486749 or fill in our brief contact form here - www.. Feel free to request a call back.

What else do I need ?

It is strongly advised that you protect your pallet racking against impact from forklift trucks, for example. For instance, you can inexpensively and effectively protect the frame legs and the end of the runs with column guards and rack end protectors.

Can I just have the standard racking ?

This would be the most common question asked and unfortunately it is answered by more questions. there is no such thing as standard racking although there are some commonly used sizes which accommodate standard pallets. Mostly it is the lift height of the fork truck or the building height that will establish how tall you can go with your racking frames. then the product that you intend to store on the racking is the next factor that will establish your beam requirements. if you are using standard pallets and the product you are storing on these pallets does not overhang the pallet then standard beam length would suffice. if the product does not overhang then the next recommended beam width would suffice. The most common beam supports 2000kg UDL which means that you can have 2 pallets weighting no more than 1000kg each side by side. Pallet racking frames and beams are available in vast weight carrying capacity and sizes to accommodate most requirements.

What does UDL mean ?

Udl means Uniformly distributed load and is used when rating pallet racking beams. It applies to a pair of beams that constitute a beam level and means that the load must be uniformly distributed over the width of th beams. If your beams are rated at 2000 kgs per pair this does not mean that you can put 1 pallet weighing 2000kg on this level as this becomes a point loading and will damage your racking system.

Does my Pallet racking need to be fixed to the floor ?


How much weight can I put on my beams ?

Pallet racking beams are available in many different load capabilities and can be rated as high as 4000kg UDL per level. The supporting frames will be designed to carry these loads. if your racking has been rated at 4000kg per level it will quite safe to load to these limits but not over.

Does my racking need to be inspected ?

Pallet racking systems should be inspected regularly. At a minimum of once every 12 months a complete and diligent inspection should be performed. I your racking system is subject to high usage then more frequent checks should be made.

Can you come out and inspect our racking ?

Jay storage solutions' can arrange to do professional rack inspection or a complete audit.

Does my pallet racking need load Signs ?

According to EN codes a racking installation shall have a load sign in one of more conspicuous locations. Load signs provide information on permissible loads, distance from eh ground tot he first beam level and other relevant information.