T here is simply no other solution that is able to optimise small SKU storage to the same extent..

Storeganizer is a system of sliding columns divided into compartments (pockets) made of durable, sustainable material. These columns can be easily moved by hand on the ground level of each pallet rack on built-in rails. Allcompartments (SKUs) are easily and quickly accessible.

Storeganizer is mainly developed for B and C items (medium- and slow-moving stock items) and offers a solutionfor storage and manual picking with incomparable storage density and highly signi?cant practical,organizational and economic advantages.

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Highest storage density = Space optimization and optimization of costs per square meter

  • 3PL
  • E-Commerce
  • Spare Parts
  • Healthcare
  • Fashion, apparel, shoes, accessories
  • Consumer goods


  • Fast ROI
  • Scalable and Fexible
  • Maintenance free
  • From sustainable materials
  • Patented and proven solution
  • 10 year warranty