Rack Supported Warehouses (Silo)

O   ptimum solution to store at a large heights can be used together with traditional and automated systems.

Rack Supported Buildings and Structures (warehouses) are also called as Clad Rack Silo. The range of alternative designs of shelving systems is extremely varied. Ranging from a fully automated High Bay Racking System in a silo design to a manually operated shelving system, installed in a hall, a large number of combined designs exist between these two options.

A silo design is one where the racking represents the load-bearing sub-constructions for the roof and side walls. These systems are racking constructed to which roof and walls are fixed . The stores are automatically controlled and reach heights up to 30 meters. The silo design provides shorter construction times and offers interesting depreciation opportunities.

The decision between a self support mezzanine and an internal warehouse is often particularly significant.

This is because the self support design provides a number of benefits even other than a faster setup:

  • Storage at high height, enables maximum use of available surface area without wastage of space.
  • Allows a wide range of goods to be stored.
  • Attractive space savings thanks to a compact design
  • Simple base foundations thanks to load distribution across multiple columns.
  • Quicker availability of the system thanks to a rapid assembly.

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High rack silos are self supported warehouses, are used for storing large quantities of high throughout articles


  • Heights upto 30m achievable
  • Utilisation of storage sapce to full height.
  • Reduction in use of conventional buildings
  • Reduced construction time.