Drive In / Drive-Thru Reel Storage

F iFo & LiFo systems for your Roll storage needs

The Drive-in/Drive-Thru Roll storage racking system is similar in constructions except that this are used specifically for Roll storage. With the Drive-In/drive-thru racking, rolls are stored on the racking depth one behind the other on two continuous beams. When storing/retrieving, a cycle per loading bay from top to bottom (or vice versa) must be observed.

This storage concept consists of a set of racking units which form an internal lane with support rails for the pallets. The lift truck enters the lane with the load elevated above the support rails that it will be placed upon. Guide rails facilitate lift-truck maneuvers, thereby aiding movement and minimizing the possibility of accidental damage.

Drive-in/Drive-thru systems allows rolls of a single SKU to be stored in the same lane. Reel Storage Racks also require a minimum number of aisles to operate and enables maximum use of space. It is the ideal system for storing homogeneous rolls with a large number of rolls per SKU. Jay Storage Solutions provide you the right products suitable for your warehouse, industrial or office.

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This systems are ideal for storing large, heavy volumes of rolls with a low quantity of different items. The racking system combines the benefits of block storage with those of racking storage.

  • Pharma Packaging
  • FMCG & food Packaging industry
  • Electrical Cables etc.


  • High density storage – maximising cubic space
  • More rolls stored per cubic metre than any other storage system.
  • Limited stock rotation
  • Ideal for Hot rooms.
  • used for bulk goods of same type