Pallet Live Storage

S olutions for medium to large sku’s from FIFO to Lifo

Jay Storage’s Pallet Live Storage Racking for palletized loads are compact structures that normally incorporate roller track sections placed on a sloped lane to allow pallets to slide over them.

The Pallet Flow Racks are put in the highest part of the rolling section & move by the force of gravity and in a controlled speed towards the other end, where they remain until they are ready to be removed.

Pallet Live Storage enables perfect rotation of stored products, with the FIFO (First-in, First-out) system, where the first pallet to be put in is the first pallet to be taken out.

When the first pallet is taken out the others move forward one position, so the preceding pallet is always at the front.

This makes it ideal for storing perishable goods.

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Pallet Live storage pallet racking is ideal for the following areas.

  • Perishable goods warehouse.
  • Intermediate warehouse between two working zones.
  • Dispatch areas, where pallets need to be removed quickly.
  • Holding warehouses (prepared orders, classification channels in automatic circuits, etc)


  • Perfect product rotation using the FIFO system.
  • Maximum capacity as this is a compact storage system.
  • Time saved when pallets are removed. All products are easily located, thus reducing fork-lift manoeuvring time, as travelling distances are minimal.
  • Highly efficient operating system.
  • Easy Access, as all the available sku’s are stored in the same aisle.
  • Safe, reliable system.
  • Fast return on your investments.
  • Can be adapted to suit the requirement and load units of customers.
  • Quickly installed.