Before the start on any project or embarking on a renovation or installation of a modern storage system, it is essential to study and analyse the needs and possibilities of the company. Only then can an optimal economic and rational conclusion be guaranteed.

‘Jay’ adapts its solutions to the needs of its clients and this often implies carrying out “turnkey” projects. Together with the client, we identify the requirements and products movements so as to work out the combination of installations required.

We provide storage project consultancy services for complete storage solutions for an industry that needs to efficiently move, store or handle material in a physical facility. We have the ability to concieve & implement complex racking & storage solution projects that optimizes space, reduce inventory, increase accuracy of picks & lower your operating cost. We are market leaders in the implementing racking solutions & providing storage projects consultancy in India and abroad.



Service & maintenance

‘Jay’ is proud to introduce the “Preventative Maintenance Program” involving quarterly, semi-annual or annual Damage Inspections performed by a qualified ‘Jay’ technical representative. Damage Inspections, including their subsequent reports, provide detailed information of the condition of any existing pallet racking or material storage system. These reports can be used to identify areas that require repairs or replacement of damaged components. The report issued by ‘Jay’ includes a damage inspection checklist along with a reference layout, a summary report, images to support the checklist, a disclaimer and a quotation for any replacement components or required labour. These inspections are completed by qualified technical staff and are an excellent tool in work place accident prevention.

‘Jay’ Offers below services combined in a single or independant contract of each service this

  • Rack Inspections
  • Testing on site.
  • Identification of Various hazards.
  • Suggest proper use of system & therby preventing accidents.
  • Third-Party Certification of the installed facility (Form-11).

Rack Inspection

"If you have any indication that your racking is impaired, its time for a professional inspection." keeping your warehouse operating safely and at peak efficiency begins with routine inspection and maintenance.

Ask yourself, what standards are in place after a warehouse is put in operation or what about retrofitted warehouses?

Rack Uprights are bumped and pushed by material handling equipment, beam elevations or pallets are readjusted to fit loaded pallets, and components are modified or aisles narrowed to accommodate inventory. All of that happens as a matter of running a warehouse, but what doesn't always happen is regularly inspecting pallet rack systems.

Project Planning & Execution

Storage Systems- Racking & ASRS are more than just Plug & Play. For every installation, we dedicate team of trained professionals to ensure smooth and timely execution.

With our single point contact system, we ensure correct delivery on site and to install the project on time. We are highly acclaimed for:

  • Project Control & management
  • Coordination
  • Review & maintenance of safety plans
  • Meeting agreed deadlines

Technical support

The partnerships that we create with them in long-term are carved in stone at the heart of our company philosophy. Our customers benefit from our expertise as a total solutions provider and manufacturer, and from the international focus of our company. this of course after commissioning your new facility.