High Bay Pallet Racking

E fficiency through height!

Warehouse High Bay Pallet Racking System operated by cranes requires special arrangements for tolerances in manufacturing and assembly. Perfect positioning & levelling are vital for such installations. The cranes are running on a floor mounted rail and stabilized at the top of the mast by a top guide rail. The pallets can be placed in ‘single deep’, ‘Double deep’ or ‘Multi-deep’ patterns.

The design for such Pallet Racking Systems are normally:

  • The stacker Crane (SRM) highest point of the floor to the top-tier
  • Height of the bottom level & the two levels
  • Crane aisle width: distance between the front of opposite pallets
  • Type of top rail & its fixation
  • Crane horizontal forces, etc.

At one of the rack ends, the entry & exit conveyors are installed.

High Bay Racking Systems are used for storing large quantities of high throughput goods. At Jay Storage Solution, you will find the best quality and designs of High Bay Racking Systems.

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  • Manufacturing Areas
  • Stores & Warehouses
  • Finished Goods area
  • Raw material & WIP Area


  • Utilisation of storage space to full height.
  • ideal for large article numbers & medium to high turnover.
  • Reduction in the use of conventional buildings.
  • Picking from all levels of the racks.