Rivet Shelving

F ast & strong shelving system.

Also called as Rivet Rack Shelving, the applications are very similar to slotted angle racks. Boltless Shelving gives you economical storage of retail, wholesale or industrial goods. Installation can be done without special tools in a minimum amount of time. Single rivet system high density shelving uses single rivet on intermediate levels, and double rivet beams at the top & bottom for rigidity.

As the name suggests the system is assembled without nuts & bolts. The shelves are placed on a special profile z-beams or standard C-Beams. The beams are provided with specially designed ‘Rivets’ for easy fitments on the vertical angles. Different types of shelving options are available. The foot plates are through bolted for stability or a plastic cap is provided with each post. Jay Storage Solution provides you with the best quality of Rivet rack shelving and picking products. Contact us to know more.

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This are mainly used for ‘ Man-to-goods ’ principle .

  • Engineering Stores
  • Small parts warehouse
  • Packing material


  • Immediate Access to all articles
  • Flexible & expendable
  • Easy to assemble.