Mobile Pallet Racking

O    btain new space from aisles

Jay Storage’s Mobile Pallet Racking Systems comprise pallet racking, which is mounted on mobile bases. Equipped with motors, the racking can then be moved via rail guidance to locations where a racking aisle is required. This operating principle enables 9 out of 10 aisles to be obsolete, thereby creating new storage space. The racking system can be controlled centrally from the control cabinet, and decentrally from an individual rack or by remote control. When individual aisles open, state-of-the-art sensor technology and variable control options ensure ease of operation and absolute safety.

In order to be able to make the rack more compact, thereby considerably increasing storage capacity without comprising direct access to each pallet, the racking is placed on guided mobile bases that move laterally, removing aisles and opening only the aisle that is needed at any given time.

The rails of the mobile bases are set into the floor, thus allowing the fork-list to circulate.
The base moves smoothly when the selected work aisle is opened.
Installations are generally made up of a combination of fixed and Mobile Racking Units.
The construction system used for fixed racking is the same as that used for Conventional Pallet Racking.
Racking units installed on mobile bases also use the same construction system, however, in addition, the necessary bracing must be installed in order to ensure stability and resistance to the dynamic forces caused due to stopping & staring.
Height, Length & Depth tolerance is the same as for Conventional Pallet Racking.
The base measurements are slightly larger as control and safer equipment must be installed.
As this is a compact warehousing system that allows direct access to any of the pallet, it is ideal for cold chambers (Cold storage), both refrigerators, and freezers, as many SKU’s are stored, with a few pallets per SKU.

To allow for improved air circulation during downtime, more space can be left between each racking unit by spreading the aisle space evenly between the units.

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Mobile pallet racking saves on working aisle widths & creates space.

  • FMCG companies
  • Food & Beverages
  • Pharmacueticals etc


  • Upto 90% space reduction in comparison with conventional pallet racking.
  • 100% Access to each pallet.
  • Suitable for medium quantities of goods and medium number of different ítems with a low access requirement.