Rack Supported Mezzanines

M    odular systems for optimal usage of storage space

Rack Supported Mezzanine are concepts which can be integrated with various other systems to increase storage capacity within the facility. Rack Supported Mezzanine floors are a very practical way of utilizing the (often wasted) space above racking. This form of mezzanine is built from pallet racking materials and is generally the most cost effective ways of building a mezzanine. Storage is gained above the structure with an open deck, plus the support for the deck is usable pallet that can either be left open or utilized as shelving

The Rack Supported Mezzanine utilizes overhead space for shelf storage without the need of a structural mezzanine system. The heavy duty racking or shelving or cantilever racking becomes the structural support for the catwalk floor system. This type of shelf storage is much more economical than a free standing mezzanine with bin shelving units installed above and below the mezzanine floor while still offering the increased storage capacity. At Jay Storage Solutions, we make sure to provide the best in quality products. Contact us to get more details about Rack Supported Mezzanine.

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This type of system combines the advantage of the under structure racking and of the mezzanine.


  • Flexible & expendable
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Cost effective, since it combines the storage & the structure into one unit.