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Warehouse Safety Is Not a Choice Advices Jay Storage Blog

The warehouse was, is and will always be a key component on any business organization. Of course of late, it has come to more prominence with the advance of ecommerce, where speed and agility to store, retrieve and deliver is a difference between winning & losing a customer/sale.

However, in this fast moving scenario what usually gets compromised is the safety of the warehouse as a whole and its personnel’s, responsible to keep it going. For the benefit of our readers, we at Jay Storage Solutions have outlined 7 important indicators to consider to maintain an up to date warehouse safety standards.

1. Safety protection Gear for Personnel’s

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Safety of personnel’s is the first priority of any warehouse, simply because without them the warehouse will cease to operate. They must be given appropriate footwear with steel toe and sole with slip resistant footwear

The use of protective helmets is a must to protect them from falling overhead objects, ear plug to protect against continues noise, safety goggles if they are working near cutting areas and the use of hand gloves is recommended if they are working with different material. Reflective coverall also helps in preventing accidents and forms essential part of safety protocols.

2. Maintenance of Forklifts

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The second most important equipment in the warehouse after racking system are the MHE’s namely forklifts. The maintenance of forklifts should be a top priority and should be done periodically. Siren, horns & warning light must be in working order.

Many new models come with video monitor helping drivers place pallets correctly, old models can also be fitted at little extra cost. Signage in the warehouse must be adhered to and forklift should never lift weight exceeding its load bearing capacity. Only allow trained personnel to operate the forklift. More details on MHE can be obtained at our sister company Jay Equipment & Sytem Pvt. Ltd.

3. Signage in the Warehouse

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The warehouse must have proper signage indicating walkway areas and clear path to emergency doors in case of evacuations. The emergency exits should also have clear picture and written signs.

4. Preventive Products in the Warehouse

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Preventive products also form major part of warehouse safety, they can be fire alarm sirens, fire sprinkler system, first aid kits, video cameras and emergency lights.

5. Warehouse Design and Correct System

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So far we have discussed external products for safety. But the real deal is warehouse design that not only optimize space but adheres to safety guild lines in choosing proper raw material to build and install a sturdy system that has a safety load factor.

It is here that companies turn to Jay Storage solutions to help them with consultancy and advise, a system that optimize their space and operational efficiency. Depending on the products, selectivity, load capacities, throughputs, size, packaging you can be advised to install Selective pallet racking, Drive in racking, radio shuttle racking, multi-tier systems, Cantilever, Mezzanine floors, etc. A solution tailored to your specific industry and use.

The responsibility of designing a proper system rest with engineering team with the help of advance calculating applications in determining the structural suitability of the system. We at Jay have our own design team which is again pre order and post order teams, R&D department, installation and maintenance team. While most competitors outsource, we at Jay believe having a dedicated team reduces human error, serve faster layouts and works as cohesive units to provide an unmatched service to our clients.

While correct design would be our responsibility of engineering team at Jay, one must also make sure of the following

  • All loads to be stored at height must be properly strapped and film wrapped to prevent falling of loose units.
  • The pallets must be correctly placed on beams not exceeding 50mm outward projection on each side
  • Load bearing capacities of beams should never be exceeded
  • In drive in racking, forklift should never be located under load pallets

  • 6. Safety Audit, Maintenance & Replacements

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    While installing the system is the responsibility of the installation team at Jay Storage, one must conduct safety audits from time to time ideally every quarter. What may look good to the naked eye might actually have some wear and tear due daily operational activity. Also in some cases, can be due to forklift hits, all this factors reduces strength of the rack and can collapse with fatal consequence. While most damages are done to upright frames, beams can also suffer damages when they come in contact with forklift forks. All damaged parts should be replaced on the advice of the inspecting engineers

    All inspections should be carried out with company who have installed racking system, at Jay storage we provide AMC contracts with trained engineers qualified in safety inspection. Call us for more details.

    7. Training & Precaution

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    All warehouse personnel’s must be trained in basic first aid and the use of fire extinguishers. No untrained personnel should be allowed to use forklift, warehouses with flammable material must train its staff to isolate area in case of accidents and use protective clothing when handling them

    Hope we have been successful in providing you a basic insight on the requirements of warehouse safety. Please feel free to contact us for a suitable warehouse solution that incorporates all safety measures and optimizes space.

    Look forward to hearing from you. Until next time…

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