Don’t Stress Over a Big Problem of Small Items Blog

Jay storage solutions are pleased to introduce a system that solves the bigger problems of storing and managing smaller items with #multiple SKUs and more importantly no more wastage of dead space.

Confused & Surprised! Read on. But wait, just as Diwali sweets were savored slowly we will be sharing highlights in parts so that you may fall in love with the system.

How many times have we come across situations where ground pallet positions are not optimally utilized resulting in loss of space most times in #E-commerce and #FMCG warehouses the standard pallet height is 7ft high or pallets having multiple SKUs? What is the solution?

Storganizer is the answer. The product first introduced in 2012 is sold all over the world with 50+ distributors. In this blog, we will clear some of your pertinent doubts. The first question that may come to mind is will it work in my warehouse, the simple answer is yes.

Storganizer makes maximum use of the existing racking system without having to change the layouts and configuration. All racks whether existing or new can be used and can configure with existing software, any slot configuration is possible. Hence you are building up on your existing assets and the bulk of your investments is already done.

Since the system is meant to organize small part, naturally what would come to mind is pigeon hole system with dividers, and since that systems typically come in depth of 300mm to 450mm, you may wonder how could we utilize depth of pallet racking which is standard 900/1200mm depth.

Here is how storeganizer works here. The system is made up of modular heavy duty textile rack with wheeled slots suspended with the help of your existing racking system. Depending on your requirement, it can be suspended up to 3 rows deep. This is called a 3D storage; you can easily roll the 1st textile module left or right with minimum efforts and access the module behind it. Hence by using all three dimensions – small and fast moving items can be stored on pallet racks along with large items. In other words, free and/or lost spaces which were previously required for the order picking process, are now utilized more efficiently and/or reduced to a minimum thanks to Storeganizer, order picking was never this easy and organized.

Have we given you something to think? Let us know if you have any questions, we will be pleased to answer. Call us at +91 914 6064 222/23 or email us at In our next blog, we will highlight more useful aspects of this amazing product and also show how to take dimensions and calculate weight and store a dust free product.

Until then, stay stress free, stay healthy

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