Pallet Racking Systems – Types, Applications & Why it is Warehouse Manager's Best Friend Blog

What is a Pallet Racking System?

Pallet racking is the most common form of storage system used in almost every warehouse that uses pallets to optimize space and makes handling of heavy loads easy at maximum mavailable height.

It is designed for storing various or single SKU’s on a pallet to create a single load unit which ,helps in easy transportation of material and being selective adopts to your requirements of different storage requirements.

Pallets come in various dimensions and sizes but most warehouse use a common standard pallet around which other MHE equipment’s like forklifts, tools and other machinery involved in their handling are designed.

Summary of Advantages of Pallet Racking

  • Saves time during loading & unloading of material
  • Stacks material in cube form that optimizes space
  • Material once strapped on pallets provides greater Safety
  • Easy inventory control
  • Reduce cost on time, space and manpower

  • Pallet racking is generally divided in two types, selective and density storage. Selective racking as the name suggest provides access to every pallet but reduce storage when compared to density storage. Density storage is further divided into semi & fully automated msystems. Before making a decision on the type of system required, it should be carefully considered whether requirement is density as surface area is limited with high cost per square meter or area is not a problem but requirement is access to all pallets. Material to be stored on pallets should also be considered.

    Type of Pallet Racking

    1. Adjustable Pallet Racking

    The most common and economical racking giving 100% selectivity but suitable for large msurface area and 100% selectivity requirement. Standard reach trucks & stackers are commonly used in operations.

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    2. Very Narrow Aisle Racking

    VNA Pallet Racking is similar to adjustable pallet racking with more optimized use of the surface area. It requires special forklift that can operate in smaller aisle which by default increases the number of storage lanes.

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    3.Double Deep Pallet Racking

    DDPR as commonly called is another version of standard pallet racking, except that back to back rows are added to increase capacity while maintaining selectivity. A special forklift with larger forks are required to access 2 nd pallet.

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    4. Drive in and Drive Through Systems

    Both Drive in and drive through are high density racking where the need for individual aisles is eliminated. The only difference is Drive in works on FILO principal and drive through works ,on FIFO principal.

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    5. Live Storage

    This high density system also works on FIFO principal; the system is designed with rollers in inclined position and pallets are placed on one end which in turn pushes the pallet in front mechanically to receive from the other end. The FIFO works best where stock rotation is important.

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    6. Push Back Racking

    This high density storage has the same characteristics but works on LIFO principal. Every pallet loaded with forklift is pushed in the end until the first pallet is last in and accessible position. When the first pallet is removed, automatically the second pallet takes its place enabling the operator to remove it easily.

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    7. Shuttle Racking

    Shuttle racking also called dense racking is a semi-automated system that increases storage capacity by 70%. It works with both FIFO and FILO principal. The pallet is placed on the rack mby forklift which is then taken back & forth by help of shuttle operated with a remote control. mThe best all round system.

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    8. Mobile Racking

    Mobile racking offer density as well as 100% selectivity. The system requires only one aisle for forklift operations thereby increasing storage area by 90%. The system is installed on chassis which are guided by rails which helps in lateral installation of racking system.

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