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Picking individual items have assumed significance in modern warehouse due to significance of ecommerce. While picking system had its uses even earlier in many industries such as spare parts warehouses, car parts, paints, industrial supplies and hardware stores, merchandising, pharmacy warehouses, supermarkets and cash & carry, distribution of electrical material, etc. it has become even more important for modern smart warehouse.

In todays blog we will discuss, the two main systems that are part of the picking solutions family, their characteristics, commonalities, their different usages but which in the end ensures a smooth picking solution. The most common locations for this systems are near the picking and packaging locations or the order preparation area.

We generally associate warehouse load to be heavy and palletized and moved by MHE’s, but there are also lighter cartoons handled and stored manually which are unboxed from the master packing and are meant for retail or small B2B sales. The warehouse and distribution center in which such material are stored are called long span shelving and cartoon flow racks.

Long Span Shelving

  • The most optimal solution for the storage of medium and small-size products. It is the most versatile system which is not very expansive and easy to install is known as long span system. It is easily adjustable at a pitch of every 50mm and usually uses wooden decks or wire mesh decking for storing. Accessory components like dividers and wire mesh can also compliment the system and used to separate the small items. They come in wide variety of measurements and load capacities but usually do not exceed rack load of 1000kg per unit.
  • Since cartoons and small parts are the most common material stored, this system works best for business to consumer companies like pharma warehouse, industrial supplies, car accessories, supermarkets, electrical material etc.
  • The main advantage of this system is direct access to unit loads. The system can also be adapted to multi-tier where vertical height is available by way of connecting racks with the help of walkways for personals and installation of lifts for material. The use of height is only limited by its availability. However, one drawback of the system is it is medium density storage having slow rotation.

  • Cartoon Flow Racks

  • Cartoon flow rack system while serving the same function as long span shelving of storing cartoons and light items and even used in almost the same industry, however the commonalities end there.
  • To start with the system is installed in a slightly inclined position by experienced installers and uses rollers and slides as its base to store the material. Though it is easy to change the slides and rails as required by different shapes and size of the material.
  • One big advantage of this system is that it is high density and have high rotation which are critical for material which has limited shelf life. The system is also compatible and can be adopted with pallet racking system.
  • Picking solutions system are great and highly adaptable and useful systems. However before installing such a system, experienced companies must be consulted who can guide you with factors such as loads, product rotation and space utilization and can advise on the best picking solution

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