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Maintaining an uninterrupted flow of raw material to the productions lines is the most critical function of raw material warehouse henceforth will be referred to in the warehouse lingo/slang as RM stores. A good design of RM stores is critical as it stores difficult to handle products like abrasives and liquids components and order picked as and when required on production lines.

How to design your RM stores effectively?

To design a good RM stores, let us first understand its exact meaning.

A RM store is the facility that stores components or materials which will be required during the course of production. It stores unprocessed goods meaning it has not been processed so far. Besides storing they are required to ensure smooth supply of goods to manufacturing lines.

For efficient operations, RM warehouses as a thumb rule should always be built close to manufacturing facility as it speeds up movement of goods to the plant. The best practice in supply chain procurement is syncing logistics facilities with manufacturing units as it eases operations considerably.

A key aspect of RM stores is inventory control. It is critical to know the amount of stock required and making necessary arrangements to receive the material regularly on time to ensure supplies to production lines uninterrupted.

A basic requirement of any logistics facility is product traceability which assumes even more significance in RM stores. The warehouse manager must be aware of SKU’s to ensure a quality standard is maintained in the production process.

The stored raw material come in different unit loads, it could be in pallets, containers or even boxes. At planning stage of the facility and storage systems, it is imperative to take into accounts the type of goods to be stored, manufacturing requirements and product demands. Hence a well thought out design which optimizes use of space maximizes storage of goods and its movement to production lines.

Key Objective of RM stores

Inventory should be properly maintained. When goods are received, they should be checked and stored on bar coded locations to identify and quickly dispatched when required in production to ensure manufacturing lines are not effected. It is the RM mangers duty to make sure it never runs out of stock.

Ensuring that raw material is received from suppliers on time, the facility should be configured to adapt to manufacturing needs and guarantee supply to the production lines.

A quick and efficient way to ensure RM warehouse operates to maximum efficiency is to install proper storage systems. While it is a common practice to install conventional systems like selective pallet racking, moving to automation semi or fully automated systems will ensure fast movement of material, maximized use of vertical height and zero error operations which could again be critical in production lines. We strongly recommend radio shuttle system or crane based automated storage & retrieval systems for pallets and containers synced with warehouse management systems.

We have experience and the technical know how to install both these systems in effective, economical & efficient way.

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