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Let me start with some cold shivering facts. According to latest statistic by a well-known research firm Cold chain storage capacity in India today stands at 32 million metric tons where as required capacity is 35 million metric tonnes that a short fall of 3 million metric tonnes, though storage capacity is expected to increase to 40 metric tonnes by end of 2023.

Almost all of 8000+ cold stores are suitable for single storage commodity mainly potatoes. Colliers forecasts the Indian cold chain sector is expected to grow at 14% CAGR during next three years driven by growth of online grocery and pharmaceuticals ecommerce industry.

With such limited resources at hand, it is vital to utilize the storage capacity to its fullest. In this blog we shall explore various systems that can maximize storage capacity. However, before we evaluate on storage system, let us understand different types of cold storages and their requirements.

Cold storages can be classified into mainly for 5 categories.

  • Dry Food Storage
  • Climate-Controlled Storage
  • Cold Food Storage
  • Frozen Food Storage
  • Hot Food Storage
  • Beverage Storage
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    Dry Food Storage does not require climate control as the foods are not perishable and are usually canned and processed food. However most perishable foods require climate ,controlled storage between -18 and + 60 to avoid contamination and food being spoiled. But m,as food & beverage industry requires stock rotation, pallet racking is the most preferred ,system. This system can be adopted to many solutions depending on client’s requirements. Let me list a few examples below

    Conventional Pallet Racking All pallets accessible at all times, the most versatile and affordable system, but one that requires larger warehouse space. Within CPR family we can madopt to single deep, double deep, narrow aisle, high bay etc. Multiple solutions are available.

    Radio Shuttle Racking Can be adopted to FIFO, FILO or LIFO. High density storage that eliminates aisles and increases storage space by 60 to 70%.

    Pallet Flow System Also known as dynamic racking, Increases space and reduces labour cost. Pallets are back loaded into rails within the racking and as the pallet from the other end is removed, the next pallet moves forward with gravity. They are installed at a little inclined angle and works on first in first out principal.

    Mobile Pallet Racking This system could be termed most versatile in a true sense of the word, as it allows access to all pallets as well as require only one aisle, the racks are movable to access pallets and increases space by 90%.

    Drive in system It is manual system which requires the forklifts to drive in, something similar to radio shuttle but works only with FILO principal.

    Mezzanine Floor This is a completely demountable system which increases floor space with a raised platform. Distribution centres, food processing facility & food warehouse can all use this system.

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    I can go on about the usefulness of the above systems and how it can maximize storage and increase operational efficiency in cold store warehouse. But if would be nice for one on one mdiscussion about your requirements or even if you simply require more information or have any questions.

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