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Here are some interesting facts to ponder. At present there are 26 million ecommerce sites world-wide, close to five billion internet users and more than 5.2 trillion USD in ecommerce sales, and this figure is only expected to reach new heights in the coming years as internet penetration increases worldwide.

With such an interesting scenario, there was never a better time to be in supply chain near logistics which has assumed very significant position, but it can also be very daunting and stressful.

To make your logistics life better which incidentally is our motto, we at #jay storage solutions have used our experience of 30+ years to help you set up an efficient ecommerce warehouse.

Some of the broad points to consider when setting up an ecommerce warehouse

  • Optimization of the warehouse space
  • Receiving, Storage, Forward staging & Shipping
  • Storage Equipment’s, Material Handling Equipment’s, Packing & Barcoding devices
  • Automation
  • Picking Small Items
  • Guidelines for Material Returns
  • Training

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    1. Optimization of the warehouse space

    Optimization of warehouse space is critical in any business but assumes higher significance in ecommerce sales. The best way to do this to start with a good layout and ensure to come ,up with a good picking system as most sales will involve small individual or group items. ,Check out our revolutionary small parts storage system #storganizer which is highly adaptable, cost effective and optimizes space like never before.

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    2. Receiving, Storage, Forward staging & Shipping

    Another important procedure involves receiving material, labelling, quality control checks and uploading. We also need to anticipate sales growth and store the required quantity. Next is segregating the material require to ship in a forward staging area where is tagged and packed and bar coded ready for shipment.

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    3. Storage Equipment’s, Material Handling Equipment’s, Packing & Barcoding devices

    In order to run the warehouse efficiently and maximize space, different storage equipment’s are required, for example, goods received usually are palletized and hence optimal pallet racking solutions are required, and since picking is integral part of ecommerce warehouse, slotting and small storage systems like bins are required, MHE equipment’s like Hand pallet trucks, Battery operated pallet trucks for transport, packing machines along with bar coding devise are an essential requirements for smooth functioning of a warehouse.

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    4. Automation

    Since speed is the name of the game in highly competitive ecommerce industry, automation should be the next logical step to stay ahead of the competition. Automatiion can be in the form of conveyor system which makes movement of goods easier and faster, mini load high bay systems using mother child shuttle system, goods to person system which eliminates Mmovement of personnel’s in the warehouse picking items thereby reducing time and easing labour fatigue.

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    5. Picking Small Items

    As we have seen ecommerce warehouses involve a lot of small items to be picked for individual customers, a good picking strategy is of utmost importance. This can be aided by having a good warehouse managements systems which helps in highlighting locations, stock rotation, ensures a smooth flow of picking traffic where picking is done in an orderly manner without too much friction of crisscrossing.

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    6. Guidelines for Material Returns

    Since ecommerce involves lot of returns, a proper guideline should be established on what are acceptable norms of returns. Once the material is returned, it should be tagged and barcoded and either it can be returned to storage area for a resell or it can be secluded along with material classified s defective products, which should also be barcoded back into MWMS.

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    7. Training

    Staff training is also very important aspect, one that is mostly overlooked. However, a proper staff training can ensure smooth functioning of the warehouse, use of proper equipment’s, health and safety of both man & machine creating a safer work environment, fewer mistakes, efficiency, and speed.

    One reason of immense success of retail ecommerce worldwide is advantage of finding different items in one location. You will also find a similar help at Jay Storage Solution. From concept to consultation, design to implementation, all services are available at Jay under one roof.

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